Special Assistance

Ellinair staff offers special assistance before and during the flight in order to help and serve individuals with special needs.



  • The wheelchair is transported free of charge.
  • If you need for your transportation a wheelchair either for the departure or for the arrival or any other kind of assistance, you should mention it when booking your ticket or contact us: 801 100 81 82 (consumer infoline) or +30 2311 22 47 00 (mobile phone or international calls).
  • In case of travelling in the early postoperative period, the passenger should have the medical permit from a doctor.



Visually impaired or hearing impaired passengers 

  • Assistance service for visually and hearing impaired passengers is provided. These passengers may be accompanied by a seeing–eye dog or a hearing dog as well. This service is free of charge and you shall mention it as far as you are booking your ticket.

Supplementary oxygen during the flight

  • If you require oxygen supplied during the flight, you will need to provide the filled signed medical form MEDIF of Ellinair airlines.







Passengers who demand for medical authority

  • Passengers who are asking for medical authority (for example in the early postoperative period), it must be provided filled and signed the special Ellinair document by the Medical Practitioner (doctor).

Passengers with special needs

  • In any other case, as a passenger with special needs and demands, please inform us when booking your ticket or contact us: 801 100 81 82 (consumer infoline) or +30 2311 22 47 00 (mobile phone or outside Greece) so that we can provide you all the appropriate services for a safe and comfortable flight in our aircraft. Depending on each case, it might be needed the provision of the filled signed special Ellinair document.



* Please notify that passengers with special needs should arrive in check-in area at least one hour before the departure time.