Travelling with pet

The transport of pets on our flights is only allowed in the cabin of the aircraft and only in a special pet carrier.

  • The dimensions of the pet carrier should not exceed*:  55cm x 40cm x 20cm (length x height x width)
  • Total Weight (pet with carrier): up to 8kg
  • Pets allowed: Dog, cat.

*The special pet carrier cage is not supplied by the airline.

One pet per passenger is allowed. If the same passenger wishes to carry 2 pets (2 cats or 2 dogs/ the combination of 1 cat and 1 dog is not allowed), the main requirement is that the pets must be transported in the same carrier with enough room for both, and their weight together with the pet carrier must not exceed 8 kg and the pets must be accustomed to each other.

The confirmation of reserving space for your pet is subject to the permitted limit for transporting pets inside the cabin. The maximum number of pets permitted to travel on each flight is 3. 

Fees for pet transportation:

  • 20,00 € per segment for domestic flights
  • 50,00 € per segment for international flights

The service is non-refundable in case of ticket cancellation

The service is available for purchase

  • on-line (via Manage My Booking) or
  • through Ellinair Call Center (801 100 81 82 or +30 2311 224700)

Manage my booking

Trained guide dogs

If you are visually impaired or hearing impaired, you may be accompanied by your trained guide dog, free of charge, after informing our call center when booking your ticket.

It is necessary that trained guide dogs be certified by an organization that is a full member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), certification bodies for guide dog organizations. 

Documents required for airline travel with your pet:
  • Pet’s health card
  • Electronic microchip-identification
  • Valid European Union Pet Passport for international flights
  • Certificate of recent rabies vaccination

The entry and movement of pets in the territory of the Member-States of the European Union requires the "EU Health Certificate".

For more information on the non-commercial movement of a pet animal, please contact the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Please also refer to the requirements and latest changes to the European Regulation.