Travelling with pet

The passengers are allowed to travel with their pets in all Ellinair flights always in compliance with the transport rules and along with the presentation of the required documents, as mentioned below.  


If you wish to travel with your pet, inform our staff, when booking your ticket.

If you book your ticket online, you should contact the Reservations Department in order to inform about your pet transport.
  • Phone: 801 100 81 82 (from a landline within Greece free of charge)  or +30 2311 22 47 00 (mobile phone & international calls.
  • Online: e-mail at providing the passenger’s name, ticket number and the pet’s weight in kilos.
In every flight no more than two pets are allowed to travel. You can check for the availability before completing the purchase of your ticket by contacting our call center.

The pet transport in-cabin is allowed only in a special airline pet carrier. 

  • The dimensions of the pet carrier should not exceed:
    55cm length x 40cm height x 20cm width.
  • Total weight (pet with carrier): should not exceed 8 kg.
  • Pets allowed: Dog, Cat. 
  • It is allowed the transport of one pet per passenger.
In case you wish to transport more than one pets, it is allowed only if both share the same carrier and are familiar with each other. The transportation of animals weighing  8 and more kg is allowed in baggage compartment, provided that the pet is transported in a special cage, made of hard material and the total weight (both the animal and the cage) may weigh no more than 35 kg. Passengers with sight and hearing problems are allowed to be accompanied by a trained guide-dog, free of charge, communicating the situation when booking their ticket. 

Required documentation:

  • Pet’s Health Book
  • Electronic microchip – identity
  • Valid European pets’ passport for international flights
  • Document of recent rabies vaccination

Transport pet fees:

  • 2 €/kg for domestic flights
  • 5 €/kg for international flights

Total weight, pet + the pet carrier.


The importation and transportation of domestic animals to the territory of the European member states is guaranteed by the documentation of the veterinary certification of the European Union.


The form of the veterinary certification of the European Union changed, while it was taken into consideration the necessity for confirming the type of transportation (commercial or otherwise) , for those transporting more than 5 dogs. Furthermore, regarding the vaccination against rabies, the existing terms were complemented with the section referring to puppies less than 12 weeks old. The new regulation defines that animals’ vaccination less than 12 weeks old is not allowed. The main document, regulating at present dogs’ transportation (as well as cats’) in the European Union territory, constitutes the Regulation No 576/2016 of the European Parliament and Council of the 12th of June 2013.

1. Completion of transport formalities: As far as animals originating from Russia are concerned, the necessary documentation for their transportation to the territory of the European Union member-states is the veterinary certification, as was the case. You may find attached the «Sample of Pet Health Certificate».

2. Vaccination against rabies: Regarding the adult animals (older than 15 weeks old), which were vaccinated against rabies and kept in isolation for 21 days, the procedure remains as followed: the vaccination must be realized after the chip is implanted. From the moment of the initial vaccination against rabies, realized pursuant to the requirements mentioned in the Annex III of the Regulation (EE) No 576/2013 (the requirements limit the list of the administrating vaccines) and lasting for at least 21 days, all vaccinations followed must, also, be realized before the phasing out of the previous one. If the animals must be transported via a country with strict regulations against rabies, it may be required a blood test, with positive results for antibodies against rabies. In the new Regulation, though, it is mentioned that if the animals do not leave the aircraft or cross the boundaries of the international airport, a blood test for antibodies against rabies is not required, when an animal is transported via countries with stricter regulations.

As for animals that have not reached the age of 12 weeks old and been vaccinated against rabies, as well as animals up to 12-16 weeks old that have been vaccinated against rabies but the 21 days of the initial vaccination have not passed yet, according to the new Regulation of the EE No 576/2013 the member-states of the EE have the freedom to form their own policy. The Greek health authority forbids the entry of animals falling within the aforementioned cases.

The veterinary certification of the EE must be drawn up in English and in one, at least, of the official languages of the entry member-states. The certification must be completed with block letters, either in the official language of the member state or the English language (travelling through Poland the certification must be completed in English and the document is then drawn up in Polish, English and Russian – filling in Russian is required for the authorities of the Federal Service for Veterinary & Phytosanitary Supervision which legalizes the Certificate with the appropriate signatures and seals).

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