Company Profile

Mission - Vision

At Ellinair, our mission is to provide high quality aviation experiences. Aligned to the international flight safety regulations * and with attention to detail, we care for the discreet interaction with our passengers, in order to meet their needs during the flight.

Through investments in technological equipment and people, today - four years after our first flight - we are a team of experienced flight, technical and management personnel.

Our vision is to become the best regional company based in Thessaloniki while aiding Tourism Industry’s as well as local and national economy’s further development.


As a subsidiary of Mouzenidis Group, Ellinair started operating in 2013 to meet the increased needs Mouzenidis Travel had in airline seats. In 2015, scheduled flights were also added to our routes and we now travel from 5 bases to 42 destinations.

Our fleet:

  • 1 Airbus 319 of 144 seats
  • 4 Airbus 320 of 180 seats

that are registered to the Hellenic Register. 

* Our aircraft are subject to constant rigorous checks by the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to ensure the quality of the procedures under the laws of the Greek State and the European Union. At the same time, regular internal audits are carried out.

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