Priority baggage Service

Treat yourself a Priority Baggage

No- one likes waiting at Baggage Claim, especially when in hurry.

We got you covered! You now have the choice of purchasing the “Priority Baggage” service which allows you to get your bag within a limited time after aircraft landing.

“Priority Baggage” is available for purchase either

in advance of your flight date

  • on-line (via Manage My Booking tool) and
  • through Ellinair Call Center +30 2311 22 47 00)

or on the day of your travel

  • at the departing airport through Ellinair Airport Sales Desk.

Service cost:

  • 10€ for domestic flights
  • 30€ for international flights

applies per passenger.


After purchase, a luggage priority tag will be attached, along with the regular tag, at airport check in counters. Then, your baggage will be loaded in a specific cargo compartment of the aircraft. After arrival, your luggage will be among the first unloaded and will be sent to baggage claim area as soon as possible.

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