Checked baggage and Cabin Baggage

Ellinair applies a certain baggage policy to all flights and for all fare categories, by allowing free checked baggage, not exceeding the weight of 20kg and cabin baggage 8kg.




Cabin Baggage

  • The maximum weight of your hand baggage, which is free of charge, should not exceed 8kg (for all fares categories).
  • The permissible dimensions for cabin baggage are 55x40x20 cm.
  • It would therefore be advisable, to make sure before travelling, that your hand baggage does not exceed the allowable limits, in order to avoid delays or extra airport charges.
  • Additionally, a handbag or laptop / tablet, that fits under the seat in front of you, are items which you can carry also without any charge as cabin baggage with you.
  • According to the current regulations, liquids in containers of volume up to 100 ml are permitted.

The specific packages should fit in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag, of 1-liter maximum capacity. Each passenger shall carry only one bag, which must be sealed and delivered separately to the Baggage Check.

These limitations constitute a European Regulation and applies to all products of liquid form (water, drinks and beverages, perfumes, shampoos, creams, pastes, glue, lotions, contact lens fluid, sprays, toothpaste etc.).

Pharmaceutical and nutritional products of liquid form (baby food), indispensable to the passenger during flight, are allowed to be carried in the cabin baggage. You may be asked to prove the indispensability of the products for your trip with a doctor’s certificate and prescription. 

Moreover, you may carry products purchased at the Duty Free Shops. The products should be placed in a special sealed bag, available at the specific shops, and cannot be unsealed before baggage check, otherwise the content may be confiscated at the security checkpoint. All these fluids are calculated in addition to the quantities in the re-sealable bag, mentioned above.

The security personnel are entitled to request the disposal of products in liquid form if do not comply with the terms of the new European Regulation. Those items will be considered non-usable and therefore will be recycled.



Checked Baggage

  • The free baggage allowance for all fare categories – booking classes, is 20kg with maximum dimensions up to 158 cm or 62 inches by adding the length, width and height of a bag.
  • Infants, not occupying a seat, are entitled to one piece of luggage, weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions up to 158 cm or 62 inches by adding the length, width and height of a bag. The baby food considered as necessary, one foldable baby stroller or one infant seat are not included in the baggage check and can also be carried free of charge. 
  • Especially for students and conscripts, the baggage allowance is 30 kg. It’s necessary to show a valid ID either for students or conscripts upon check-in at the airport. This regulation is valid for all domestic flights, as well as for the flights to/from Germany.



The baggage delivered at the check-in may contain necessary personal items for your trip.

Nonetheless, fragile objects, travel or business documents, pharmaceutical, jewelry and valuable items, personal computers and other devices, money, contracts and assets are not allowed. The aforementioned items must be carried by you personally in a handbag, since, in case of loss, the air carrier bears no responsibility.

In case you wish to carry in your baggage fragile items or other objects not considered as baggage, you should declare it during the check-in and sign the relative form (Limited Release Form), by which you undertake the responsibility of the carriage.

Baggage, which do not apply by the company's baggage policy, cannot be transported.

In case of identification of the aforementioned objects, they are confiscated at the airport, while the air company neither is responsible for delivering them to the passengers nor to compensate in case of loss. The carriage of such objects is allowed only in the baggage delivered at the check-in.

You may carry food, properly packed in wooden boxes covered with absorbent material in order to avoid possible leakage. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration the current limitations in different countries regarding the food import.


Excess Baggage Charges

  • 2€ per kg for domestic flights 
  • 5€ per kg for international flights
The weight of every baggage (along with the excess weight charged to the passenger) should not exceed more than 32 kg with maximum dimensions up to 158 cm or 62 inches by adding the length, width and height of a bag, otherwise baggage will not be accepted.

Damaged Luggage

In case you find your luggage damaged, you must report the damage immediately and before leaving the airport, to the Lost and Found Department by submitting the following:

  • The luggage that has been damaged
  • Baggage tag 
  • Passport or ID
  • Boarding card

Responsible department: Customer service: email:

Ellinair does not assume liability for normal wear and tear to baggage, such as:

  • Scratches, dents, small cracks, dirt and stains as well as anything that can be caused despite careful handling of the luggage.
  • Damage or loss to protruding parts of the luggage such as handles, wheels, zipper guides, straps, cases, locks.
  • Damages resulting from excessively loaded luggage or luggage that has been unsuitably packed, including fragile items.
  • Items confiscated by airport or security authorities.