Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Window seat for the “birds- eye” view, middle seat to rest both arms, aisle for more space or first rows to get off early. The choice is yours every single time!

You can purchase the location of your seat by calling our Call Center at the following. The service will soon be available online too.

  • 801 100 81 82 (from Greek land line)
  • +30 2311 22 47 00 (calls from mobile and international calls)


  • Comfort fares

Free of charge

  • Classic Fares

- Rows 1 to 3 and emergency exit rows (extra leg room):

€10, rest seats free of charge 


  • Basic Fares

 - Rows 1 to 3 and emergency exit rows (extra leg room):

 €10 domestic flight 


- Rows 4 to one row before emergency exits (aircraft front):

 €5 domestic flights 


According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations, passengers occupying seats next to Emergency Exits must have both the capability and willingness to assist Cabin Crew members in case of an emergency.


For safety reasons, passengers cannot seat next to Emergency Exits if one or more of the following apply to them:

1. Have impaired physical or mental abilities (eg impaired mobility, impaired vision or hearing, injury, illness, pre or post-operative phase, etc.) thus are not able to read and correctly understand Cabin Crew instructions in emergency cases in order to guide other passengers as well

2. Need a seat belt extension

3. Travel with an animal (escort or emotional support or pet)

4. Travel with a musical instrument or any large object for which an additional seat has been purchsed

5. Are pregnant

6. Need supplemental oxygen or any other medical equipment during the flight.

7. Are under 16 years old

Also, for safety reasons, adults travelling with infants and children are not allowed to occupy seats next to emergency exits nor are they allowed to occupy seats at the rows in the front and behind emergency exits.