Global Distribution System (GDS) Policy


Ellinair fully applies the provisions of the IATA Resolution 850 M.



The no-show of passengers on routes by the Ellinair airline entails additional costs for our company’s operation, due to the creation of free seats on our flights. From 20/06/2016 the following policy applies:

 - The no-show fee for the booking categories Υ, Μ:

The refund of money is permitted before departure. In case of the passenger’s no-show at the airport an amount of 50.00 euro (65.00 US dollars) will be charged.

 - The no-show fee for the other booking categories:

In case of the passenger’s no-show at the airport an amount of 40.00 euro (50.00 US dollars) will be charged.

The void / cancelling ticket procedure is only possible on the same day and only on tariffs, the terms of which allow this. For other rates, which don’t provide such opportunity, billing process by BSP as ADM for each tariff is provided.

We note the need for proper management of reservations, and provide instructions on the good governance of the reservation systems

1. QUEUES. Check daily your queues and ascertain that all the PNRs do not contain segments that you don't need. All the segments with the status code HX / UC / UN / US / NO should be deleted from the PNR always by using the right cancellation codes which are the following:

- ‘ΧΚ’ for SABRE, Galileo and Worldspan

- ‘DL’ or ‘ERK’ for Amadeus

2. Segments not in use: free places that you are not interested in. Cancellations and removal of the segments should be made as soon as possible and not later than one day prior to the date of departure.

3. Booking Classes: Always use the proper booking class that corresponds to the appropriate tariff.

4. Separate PNRs: Do not create a separate PNRs for the same passenger on the same route. Use the same PNR for incoming and outgoing reservations. Follow the complete route on the same PNR.

5. The PNRs with several routings: The PNRs should contain only the reservations that are related to the pairs of destination for both trip and tickets. Do not create reservations in the same PNR with different, as well as alternative routes associated with a separate return and other tickets.

6. Cancellation and re-booking (churning PNR): Multiple cancellations and re-booking for the same passenger are not allowed.

7. Ticket Time Limit: Observe time limits and rules governing each tariff category.

8. Informative PNRs: Do not make the PNRs for informational purposes with respect to routes and prices. You can get information about it without reservation completing by clicking on the "Completion of the transaction" in the PNR.

9. Passive bookings: Reservations with passive status codes (AK AL PK PL MK GK GL BK BL, etc.) is permitted only for the purpose of selling tickets, when you do not have access to the original booking. Make sure that the new passive reservation is absolutely consistent with the original one, in the following information: name of the passenger, booking class, flight number, reservation status.

10. Booking Classes and Ticketing: Do not make a reservation for one booking class and issue a ticket for another booking class.

11. Multi GDS Users: If you are a subscriber ofo more than one GDS, use the GDS when booking, as well as for the issuance of tickets.

12. Waitlist Bookings: Pay special attention to the generated waitlists, and cancel those segments that cannot be confirmed.

13. Double Booking: Do not create a double booking for any reason for the same passenger.



The Ellinair airline from 04/01/2017 provides the seamen fares for the following destinations: SKG-MOW (all airports) and v.v., SKG-KBP and v.v., SKG-MRV and v.v..

The reservation systems are updated, and the conditions for their issue is to specify when booking the OSI element. It is also necessary to provide passenger’s seafarer's passport when checking tickets.

For your convenience, we provide the way to specify the OSI element for each system:

- 3OSI EL PSGR IS SEAMAN (Worldspan / Travelport)

- SI.EL * SEAMAN (Galileo / Travelport)

- OSELSEAMAN (Amadeus)

- 3OSI EL SEAMAN (Sabre)

Below it is provided a summary table of regulation on specific tariffs:


Winter Season

Summer Season

Booking class





Fare Basis





Bag Allowance

40 KGS

RT Fare

2 x One Way

OSI element

Mandatory OSI  to EL  << SEAMAN>>




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