Terms & Conditions


Article 1 - Definitions

Air Carrier: Every air carrier that carries passengers and/or their baggage, pursuant to a ticket, and whose Airline Designator Code refers to the ticket or to a connecting ticket.

Baggage: All items intended for your personal use. Unless otherwise specified, this term includes both checked and unchecked baggage.

a) Checked baggage: this means your baggage which we have taken into our custody and for which we have issued a baggage tag.

b) Unchecked baggage: this means any of your baggage other than checked baggage.

Force majeure: This means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if we had exercised all due care.

Baggage identification document: This is the document issued by us for the purpose of uniquely identifying your baggage, part of which is intended to be placed on the baggage and the remainder being delivered to you to uniquely identify your baggage.

Baggage document, Baggage tag: The part of the ticket related to your carriage of the baggage.

Passenger: Each individual that boards or is to board an Aircraft pursuant to an acquired ticket and our approval.

SDR: Special Drawing Right, as defined by the International Monetary Fund  

Ticket: This means the document issued by us or at our orders for the air carrier, which is entitled 'Ticket and Baggage Check' or 'Electronic Ticket'. The behaviour terms and indications included in the ticket, as well as the corresponding flight coupon and passenger coupon, constitute part of the ticket.

Connecting Ticket: This means the ticket that, combined with another ticket, jointly formulate a single contract for the carriage of the passenger.

We/Us: This meansthe Société Anonyme 'ELLINAIR'

You: This means the individuals to be carried pursuant to the holding of a ticket issued in their name.

Hazardous materials: This means the products included in IATA regulations, as in force and amended at times. You can read about these products at the following link: http://en.ellinair.com/article/en_prohibited .

Damage: This includes death, bodily injury, losses due to delays, theft or other damage arising out of or in connection with carriage or other services provided by the air carrier.

Electronic ticket: This means a ticket that is stored by order of our booking system and that corresponds to the 'Itinerary Receipt' issued for/delivered to the passenger.

Electronic coupon: This means a flight coupon stored in our booking system or a corresponding value document.

Days: This mean calendar days, including Saturday and Sunday, as well as feast days and holidays.  For the purpose of notification, the day upon which notice is dispatched shall not be counted. For the purpose of determining duration of validity, the day upon which the ticket is issued or the flight commenced shall not be counted.

Normal flight fare: This means the highest valid fare for each carriage in a given class of carriage.

Passenger Coupon or Passenger Receipt: This means that portion of the ticket issued by us or at our orders, which is so marked and which ultimately is to remain in the possession of the passenger.

Flight Coupon: This is the portion of the ticket that bears the notation "Good for passage", or in the case of an electronic ticket, the electronic coupon, which indicates the particular places between which you are entitled to be carried according to the coupon. 

Expiration of appearance time: This is the point in time set either by us or by each air carrier by which you must have completed the Check-in procedures and procured a boarding pass (ticket).

Terms that govern the Agreement: These are the terms that are referred to as such, included in the ticket and the Itinerary Receipt and introduce these Terms of Carriage into the carriage agreement.

Infants: All children under the age of two (2) are considered to be infants.

Convention: This refers to any of the following legislative texts: a) the Warsaw Convention (12 October 1929) 'Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air'; b) the Warsaw Convention of 1929, as amended by Additional Protocol No. 1 of Montreal (1975); c) the Warsaw Convention of 1929 as amended by the Hague Protocol of 1955 and the Additional Protocol No. 2 of Montreal (1975); d)  the Warsaw Convention of 1929 as amended by the Hague Protocol of 1955 and the Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975); e) the Guadalajara Supplementary Convention (1961); f) the Montreal Convention of 1999. 

Agreed-upon intermediate terminal of  landing: Within the meaning of the Convention and these Terms of Carriage, this means the areas, excluding the take-off and landing areas, set out in the ticket and flight schedule of the air carrier as designated points of landing of the passenger's itinerary.

Ticket price: This is the fee which was paid for the carriage of the passenger according to a specific itinerary and which, if required, has been approved by or notified to the competent Civil Aviation Authorities.

Tariffs: This means the ticket prices and other charges, including the rules for the application of one tariff (flight price), that have been approved by services, if required. The tariff includes the final cost of the booking, including taxes, additional charges and duties, as well as the tariff terms of each flight, e.g. in the case of a change in the booking or return.  

Code Share: This is carriage performed by an air carrier other than the one named on the ticket.

Should you desire such carriage, which will be performed by our Code Share Partners, please review which deviations of the General Terms of Carriage may apply, as formulated in Article 2. 

Itinerary Receipt: This is the travel document we provide to you in the case that you are travelling with an electronic ticket; this document contains your name, as well as flight information and instructions. This document is delivered to you and you are obligated to carry it throughout your voyage.


Article 2 - Scope

General information

These Terms of Carriage constitute the terms of carriage referred to in and invoked by the ticket, subject to the exceptions set out and particularly the cases of a) an aircraft charter agreement, b) an opposite legal provision, c) an opposite notified provision of our own. In any case, these Terms only apply in the case that our Airline Code 'ELB' appears on the ticket.

Aircraft Charter Agreement 

These Terms are deemed applicable to an aircraft charter agreement, provided this is explicitly set out either in the agreement and the charter terms or on the ticket.

Code Share

In case of a flight(s) agreed upon with other air carriers as a Code Share flight - i.e. despite ELLINAIR being listed as the air carrier, the flight is actually performed by a different air carrier - this is notified to you by ELLINAIR at the time the flight is booked. The agreements in question and Code Share Services provided for flights performed by other air carriers are subject to these General Terms of Carriage, but given the capability of the air carriers - Code Share Partners performing the carriage to veer away from and differently regulate certain of these terms concerning the performance of the flights, the Terms of our Partners will be introduced and considered to constitute a single text with these General Terms of Carriage, which will prevail over any deviations of these Terms of Carriage. Within this framework, you are informed of the need to seek out the General Terms of Carriage of the air carriers and Code Share Partners performing the flights, particularly in regard to boarding procedures, boarding checks and aircraft boarding maximum limits, the relevant terms concerning the boarding of animals, the terms concerning the boarding of children and infants, baggage carriage, etc.

Opposite legal provision

Should these Terms, Tariffs and the Company policy in general conflict with an applicable express legal provision, regulation or directive, the latter prevail over these Terms. Even if the individual Terms are inapplicable and void under the applicable law, the remaining Terms continue to apply normally.

Opposite provision of our own

Unless otherwise specified in this document, these Terms prevail over other provisions of ELLINAIR that regulate identical or similar objects.


Article 3 - Carriage Agreement - Tickets - Changes - Cancellations - No-show 

The Carriage Agreement is concluded and completed according to the following alternatively stated terms and conditions:

a) via the Internet, immediately after selecting the 'Payment' field, after which a summary of your booking details is presented on your monitor. You can save/print the booking confirmation. Within 24 hours, ELLINAIR will send the booking confirmation to the e-mail address you specified during the booking.

Attention: for the safety of transactions via our website, please click here. In any case, ELLINAIR cannot guarantee the smooth operation of the Internet and the smooth and continuous provision of Internet access and use, for which the provider with which you have concluded a corresponding Internet service provision agreement is exclusively responsible. At the same time, the potential existence of malicious software and the capability of detecting such software remains exclusively your own obligation. Consequently, the use and selection of online transactions, subject to the above transaction safety terms, takes place at your own sole responsibility. In order to avoid the delayed discovery of online anomalies during the booking and conclusion of the carriage agreement and in order to confirm this agreement, we recommend telephone communication at the ELLINAIR Customer Service Centre telephone numbers listed above.

b) the agreement for the issuance and collection of the booking confirmation is concluded via a procedural document (including bookings via e-mail, fax, even by visiting ELLINAIR sales points).

c) verbally (via telephone booking), if this is possible for the itinerary in question, with the agreement being concluded via our verbal notification of the confirmation of the booking and the subsequent dispatch of an e-mail by us concerning the confirmation.   

Upon the completion of the booking, it is agreed in the reception of an electronic receipt/invoice. Should you wish to receive the receipt/invoice in printed form, please notify us.

Attention: It is underlined that the conclusion of the agreement does not in itself obligate ELLINAIR to perform the agreed-upon carriage, which is performed on the condition of timely total payment of your booking according to the payment terms (which you can read by clicking here). In the case of non-payment, ELLINAIR is not obligated to perform your carriage and reserves all further rights deriving from your defaulting on the agreement. 


The carriage Service is provided on the condition of procuring a validly issued ticket that bears the passenger's personal details.

If a ticket is issued on credit to a credit card, bank card and/or customer card and said card is lost or stolen, apart from notifying the banking institution, you must also immediately notify ELLINAIR. Within this framework, it is noted that a card declared to be invalid (e.g. following a previous notification of its loss) cannot be declared anew as valid in any case, for transaction safety purposes. Until the declaration of loss of the aforementioned cards, any ticket issued continues to be charged to the card holder. The responsibility requirements of the companies issuing such cards are not affected by these Terms.

Tickets are not transferrable in any case. 


The details listed on the ticket (flight date, flight number, place of departure and destination, passenger details and so forth) are binding and can only be changed in certain cases on the condition of payment of an amendment charge or not at all. Should you wish to make a certain change to your ticket, you must first contact us so that we can inform you of the individual requirements of the change requested, e.g. whether the desired change is possible, if there is an additional charge for the ticket and other useful change information.  

The airline has every right to amend the time and date of departure listed on tickets. For this reason, it is necessary that you contact us to confirm the time of departure 24 hours before the time listed on the ticket.

Cancellations / No-show

For the terms governing the cancellation of all or part (by way of indication and not restriction, cancellation of animal carriage) of the carriage agreement concluded, even in cases of no-show, please contact our company representatives or click here to review the ELLINAIR fare regulations.

For further information and announcements, please contact the ELLINAIR Customer Service Centre at the following telephone numbers: 801 100 81 82, at the fax number: +30 2310 486 135 and at the e-mail address: customer-service@ellinair.com, or alternatively at the following contact address: 9th km. Thessalonikis-Moudanion, Pylaia Thessaloniki. In order to call or contact our company if you are not in Greece, please click here to review our contact data depending on which country you are in.


Article 4 - Ticket prices, taxes/duties/various charges, terms and methods of payment, transaction safety

Ticket prices

The final price listed on the booking confirmation, subject to any amendment you might wish to make to the ticket (see above under 3), is valid.

ELLINAIR has the right, even after the conclusion of the agreement, to amend the ticket prices in the case of an increase to the cost of fuel or the imposition of additional aviation charges (by way of indication and not restriction, taxes, duties, airport duties), currency exchange changes and other charges that were inapplicable or unforeseen at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. ELLINAIR will notify you within a reasonable time - following the above changes noted by way of indication - even if this change cannot be affected by ELLINAIR. The price increase is imposed by the 21st day before the scheduled performance of the flight. In any case, should the price change after the conclusion of the agreement to a percentage greater than 5%, you can back out from the contract with no sanctions imposed for this reason. 

Taxes/duties/various charges

Apart from the ticket price, the final amount to be paid by you includes the taxes, duties and various charges imposed beyond your carriage.   ELLINAIR will inform you of these charges at the end of your booking, while the booking confirmation will list the final amount payable.

You are exclusively responsible for any additional costs resulting from your carriage/voyage, e.g. cost of visa certification in a specific country.

For any services beyond carriage that you may especially request (by way of indication, ordering the provision of a special meal during the flight and so forth), the ELLINAIR charges corresponding to these services apply and you are asked to review these when booking and requesting these services.

Payment Terms and Methods

Payment is made in accordance with the fare regulations, which you can find here.  

Attention: If the payment deadlines set out are not observed, the booking is automatically cancelled.

The payment of the due price can be made in the following alternative methods of payment: a) at ELLINAIR sales points, which you can find here; b) by a deposit to a bank account of the Company; c) via credit card.

Payment at ELLINAIR sales points

You can visit one of our sales points and pay for your booking on the spot.

Payment via Credit Card

Should you wish to pay the price by using your credit card, you can pay by charging one of the following types of credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS.

The Credit Card used to pay for the User's booking is charged only once and only for the specific transaction. The details of the credit card are not archived and cannot be used for any other purpose. The safety of the credit card payment is ensured by our website's safety system, as managed by ELLINAIR and set out below.

We reserve the right to request that you produce proof of your identity or credit card before the final issuance of the ticket. ELLINAIR is not obligated to send you the tickets or booking until full payment.

Users are solely responsible for the proper entry and truthfulness of the credit card details and ELLINAIR bears no responsibility in the case of errors.

Attention: payment is understood to mean the crediting of the amount due to our accounts and not the individual receipt of payment of that amount. For this reason, it is recommended that before making a deposit, you review the precise time our accounts are credited with the due amount you have deposited. ELLINAIR bears no responsibility and has no obligation deriving from the delayed crediting of its accounts with the due amount you have deposited and is not obligated to fulfil the contract in the case of lack of credit of the amount due.

Transaction safety

ELLINAIR has taken all necessary measures, using the latest and most advanced techniques, to ensure the maximum possible safety of your Personal Information and electronic transactions. All information related to your personal details are safeguarded as confidential. Bank transactions via card use the SSL protocol with up to 256-bit encryption for secure online commercial transactions. This ensures the encryption of all your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address, so that they cannot be read or changed during their online transmission.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) has been established as the safest protocol in the world for the user certification of websites and for the encryption of data between Internet users and web servers. Encrypted SSL communication requires that all the information sent between a customer and a server be encrypted by the reception software, thus protecting personal information during its transmission. Furthermore, all information sent using the SSL protocol are protected by a mechanism that automatically checks whether or not the data were changed during the transfer. It is certified that only authorised employees have access to transaction information and only when this is necessary, e.g. for order processing. As to all other matters, ELLINAIR is committed to not disclosing the data of customers and their transactions, unless given written authorisation by them or if this is required by a court judgment or at the order of another public authority.

Your information (name, profession, e-mail address, residential address, landline number, mobile number, etc.) and your transactions on our online store is confidential, like common transactions at a commercial store. By providing your information, you consent to and accept the subsequent processing of your information (personal data) for the needs of a smooth and facile transaction. It is certified that only authorised employees have access to transaction information and only when this is necessary, e.g. for order processing. As to all other matters, ELLINAIR is committed to not disclosing your data and transactions, unless you give written authorisation or if this is required by a court judgment or at the order of another public authority. Your personal data entered on the ELLINAIR website are exclusively used by ELLINAIR or, where necessary, by companies associated with ELLINAIR, for the exclusive purpose of supporting, promoting and performing the transaction relationship. All documents and electronic data exchanged between the parties in the context of the sale will be kept by ELLINAIR.


Article 5 - Check-in - Boarding Procedures - Travel Documents - Transport


Passengers must arrive before the schedule expiration of the arrival time, i.e. 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure of the flight (observance of Check-in time) and must produce an aircraft boarding pass in accordance with the terms set out by the air carrier and must have delivered any checked baggage. You can be notified of the scheduled check-in times for each airport by calling the respective airports, the various ELLINAIR sales points or our Customer Service Call Centre.  In any case, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport to begin the boarding process at an hour that allows sufficient time until the expiration of the arrival time in the case of unforeseen situations (long queues). Passengers that require special attention (unattended minors, disabled persons, etc.) in particular are advised to arrive early.

In the case of non-observance of the expiration of the time of arrival, the right to carriage is lost, subject to any different arrangements in the fare regulations (here) or, alternatively, in the case of proven reasons of force majeure. In no case does this establish the right to compensation (for incidental and consequential damages) or any other right against ELLINAIR.

Boarding process

Passengers must be at the departure gate for the flight related to their carriage with a valid boarding pass and at the specified time (as listed on the boarding pass or notified during Check-in). In the case of non-observance of the Boarding Time set, passengers lose the right to carriage, subject to any more specific provisions and regulations, even in the case of proven incidents of force majeure.     

Travel documents

The possession of travel documents necessary for the passenger's voyage - including the proof of the passenger's identity - is the exclusively responsibility of the passenger. It is noted that the acceptance of carriage and boarding of the passenger onto the aircraft is under the condition of possession of the necessary, valid travel documents. This obligation applied regardless of the age of passengers (i.e. including the travel documents necessary for the carriage of children), including any animals being carried. 

The air carrier can refuse the boarding of a passenger if he or she does not possess the necessary travel documents, even in the case that the rules of the necessary documents for entry in the country of destination and/or a specific intermediate country, if necessary, are not met. In this case, the air carrier reserves the right to seek damages (incidental and consequential) suffered due to the above cases.


As regards the various ticket prices valid depending on the passenger category, please review the information found here.

In order to avoid conditions that adversely affect health, it is recommended that the carriage of newborns under the age of seven (7) days be avoided.

Each adult passenger is allowed to carry one young child without a seat. Up to one (1) young child is permitted per each seat row.

The carriage of unattended minors aged 5 through 12 is only permitted after having been previously notified to the air carrier, which must have approved this carriage. A child that is accompanied by an individual at least 18 years of age is not considered to be an unattended minor. In any case, the unattended minor service can be requested for children aged 12 through 16. For further information and information concerning the documents required for unattended minors, please contact our call centre. 

The carriage of pregnant women is allowed until the 32nd week of gestation. In such a case, the passenger must produce a medical certificate confirming the expected date of labour. We request that such deadlines be taken into account in the case of two-way tickets as regards the date of return. Given the possibility of further restrictions concerning the carriage of pregnant women to other countries, it is recommended that you contact our call centre to receive additional information.  

Restrictions to the carriage of disabled persons may come under the terms and conditions of Regulation (EC) 1007/2006. For this reason, please contact our call centre for additional information.

In case of an aircraft change for operational reasons, Εllinair may modify your selected seat without prior notice.

In any other special case of carriage, please contact our call centre immediately.

Article 6 - Baggage

As regards the maximum allowed weight of baggage (both hand and checked baggage) as well as maximum baggage dimensions, even special baggage categories (such as sports equipment, prams/pushchairs and disabled persons' equipment, necessary medical equipment, animal carriers) and articles prohibited from carriage, please click here.

The air carrier can refuse to accept checked baggage if its packaging does not ensure its safe carriage. The passenger is exclusively responsible for the packaging of the baggage and its preparation in general in such a manner that it ensures the non-damaging carriage of the baggage and the articles contained within it.

The baggage tag given to you serves as proof of baggage check-in, the number of baggage checked and the individual weight of each item of baggage. Passengers are obligated to collect their baggage at the specified baggage pick-up location immediately after landing and keep such baggage in their possession. The air carrier or any competent authority or service can impose a holding charge in the case of refusal or checking or liable non-checking of the baggage subsequent to landing.

Should you lose or be unable to find your baggage, please contact the competent baggage loss declaration offices (Lost and Found offices) upon arriving to your destination or the destination intended for your baggage, even if it is not your final destination.

It is recommended that you do not place items of value, such as money, valuable objects, securities, jewels, computers, mobile telephones and similar valuable items, as well as fragile articles, in your checked baggage. 

Passengers are exclusively responsible for observing the customs legislation of the countries of departure, destination and - if required - the intermediate countries of connecting flights.

Each passenger, excluding infants, is entitled to 20 kilograms of baggage. 

Each item of baggage cannot exceed 32 kilograms in weight, otherwise the company will only undertake its carriage as cargo.

 The maximum limits for hand baggage in the aircraft cabin is up to 8 kilograms in weight and 55x40x20 in dimensions.

The carriage of hazardous materials in checked and hand baggage is not allowed. A list of hazardous materials can be found here

The carriage of special baggage (sports equipment) requires prior information of the company's booking department before the voyage and may incur an additional charge.


Article 7 - Boarding Restrictions and Refusal, Flight Schedules, Delays, Flight Changes and Cancellations

Boarding Restrictions and Refusal

The air carrier can restrict or even refuse the carriage and/or continuation of carriage of a passenger if:

  • the behaviour of the specific passenger places the aircraft and/or safety of an individual (passenger or crew member) at risk,
  • the crew is obstructed from providing its services,
  • the instructions of the crew, particularly in regard to smoking or even the consumption of alcohol, are not followed,
  • the behaviour of the specific passenger is trying and hazardous for the other passengers and crew as well as the articles in their possession,
  • there is justified suspicion that the specific passenger will carry out one of the above actions,
  • the passenger refuses to submit to a control of his or her person and his or her articles and baggage, contrary to the security rules in force,
  • the passenger does not have the necessary and valid travel documents in his her possession or such documents have suffered damage and significant wear resulting in the inability of document control, or if the passenger refuses to submit to control of such documents,
  • the passenger does not observe the flight performance regulations and the rules of the voyage in general,
  • the entry of the specific passenger in a certain destination country or intermediate stop country is prohibited,
  • the passenger cannot prove that he or she is the individual listed in the booking (for the check-in procedure) or the boarding pass (during boarding),
  • the duties, taxes and other imposed charges added to the booking have not been paid,
  • the passenger violates the security rules of the airline, the air carrier and/or the airport,
  • the passenger is carrying prohibited articles (as set out in Article 6),
  • the passenger violates these terms and the terms and legislations referring and accessory to these terms.

Within the context of the above cases and in order to ensure flight and passenger safety, the air carrier can expel the passenger infringing the rules from the aircraft, refuse his or her boarding or even refuse to continue the flight. Furthermore, the crew can take all required and vital actions that are necessary for resolving the situation. It is noted that violations of legislative provisions that take place aboard an aircraft constitute exceptionally grave criminal and civil infringements.

Flight Schedules, Delays, Flight Changes and Cancellations

The air carrier must perform the flight schedule according to the published schedule that is booked by passengers. In the case of changes, the air carrier must inform the passengers as soon as possible. It is recommended that 24 hours before your scheduled flight, you contact our call centre via telephone to inquire about any changes to the flight schedules.

In the case of a change in the air carrier performing the carriage, ELLINAIR will take every measure to notify passengers of the change in question. The same applies in the case of cancellations, with all the pertinent applicable legislative rules and regulations applying in every case.

The carrier undertakes to carry out all measures that are within its control, in order to transport the passenger and their luggage within a reasonable time frame. The time, indicated in the flights schedule and other documents, is not guaranteed and does not constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

The carrier has the right to transfer the obligations or a part thereof under the Agreement of air transportation to another party, including another carrier. The carrier has the right to cancel, delay a flight, indicated in the ticket, change the type of aircraft, change the itinerary of the transportation, including alter or cancel the landing in the places, indicated in the ticket, if this is required for the flight safety and/or aviation security, as well as upon the request of government authorities, in accordance with their competence.

The flight schedule, that is aircraft transportation, can be changed, and the carrier undertakes to take all measures that are within its control, in order to inform the passengers, with whom it concluded an air transportation agreement, using any available means.

The carrier is not responsible for not informing the passenger regarding a change in the flights schedule, the change in the departure/arrival airport, cancellation of a flight or any changes of any other flight specifications in cases, when upon booking air transportation, the passenger has not provided their contact details (telephone number, email, etc.), or if the carrier could not contact the passenger using the provided contact details, having used at least once each and every indicated telephone number (address, etc.), including as a result of the passenger having provided incorrect contact details. In the indicated cases, the carrier does not compensate the passenger for any damages incurred as a result of such failure of notification.

The carrier is not responsible for ensuring flight connections, if the air transportation was booked using separate tickets.

Article 8 - In-flight Behaviour

Passengers must faithfully follow the instructions issued by the pilot and the aircraft crew in general, and must behave appropriately so that: the safety of the other aircraft passengers is not placed at risk, the crew members are not obstructed from performing their duties, the other passengers and crew do not suffer damage and are not forced to tolerate inappropriate behaviour, the security rules imposed by the law and established by the air carrier are not infringed and violated.

For safety reasons, the use of electronic articles that can receive signals (laptops, mobile telephones, tablets) is not permitted during the flight, unless they are set to 'Flight Mode'. However, even when using 'Flight Mode', it is stressed that use is only permitted during the flight and not during take-off and landing.

The consumption of alcohol other than that served by the company, as well as smoking, is prohibited on all flights performed by ELLINAIR.

Article 9 - Liability/Information Notices under the Law

As regards liability, the legislative provisions in force at any given time apply, combined with the Montreal Convention. Apart from the cases of death and bodily injury, even in the case of infringement of material provisions of the agreement and the present terms, the air carrier is exclusively liable for damages caused by intent or gross negligence. The provisions of the Montreal Convention and other Liability Regulations, particularly those of Regulation (EC) 261/2004, are not affected.

Information Notice under Regulation (EC) 889/2002

Air carrier liability vis-à-vis passengers and their baggage

This information notice summarises the liability rules applied by Community air carriers as required by Community legislation and the Montreal Convention.

Compensation in the case of death or injury

There are no financial limits to the liability for passenger injury or death.  For damages up to 113,110 SDRs (approximate amount in local currency) the air carrier cannot contest claims for compensation. Above that amount, the air carrier can defend itself against a claim by proving that it was not negligent or otherwise at


Advance payments

If a passenger is killed or injured, the air carrier must make an advance payment, to cover immediate economic needs, within 15 days from the identification of the person entitled to compensation.  In the event of death, this advance payment shall not be less than 18,096 SDRs (approximate amount in local currency).

Passenger delays

In case of passenger delay, the air carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures.  The liability for passenger delay is limited to 4,694 SDRs (approximate amount in local currency).

Baggage delays

In case of baggage delay, the air carrier is liable for damage unless it took all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures.  The liability for baggage delay is limited to 1,131 SDRs (approximate amount in local currency).

Destruction, loss or damage to baggage

The air carrier is liable for destruction, loss or damage to baggage up to 1,131 SDRs (approximate amount in local currency).  In the case of checked baggage, it is liable even if not at fault, unless the baggage was defective.  In the case of unchecked baggage, the carrier is liable only if at fault.

Higher limits for baggage

A passenger can benefit from a higher liability limit by making a special declaration at the latest at check-in and by paying a supplementary fee.

Complaints on baggage

If the baggage is damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed, the passenger must write and complain to the air carrier as soon as possible.  In the case of damage to checked baggage, the passenger must write and complain within seven (7) days, and in the case of delay 

within twenty-one (21) days, in both cases from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger's disposal.

Liability of contracting and actual carriers

If the air carrier actually performing the flight is not the same as the contracting air carrier, the passenger has the right to address a complaint or to make a claim for damages against either.  If the name or code of an air carrier is indicated on the ticket, that air carrier is the contracting air carrier.

Time limit for action

Any action in court to claim damages must be brought within two (2) years from the date of arrival of the aircraft, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived.

Basis for the information

The basis for the rules described above is the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, which is implemented in the Community by Regulation (EC) No 2027/97 (as amended by Regulation (ΕC) No 889/2002, and national legislation of the Member States.

Announcement concerning the identity of the operating air carrier according to Regulation (EC) 2111/2005

As set out in Article 11 of Regulation (EC) 2111/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 December 2005,  the air carriage contractor shall inform the passenger of the identity of the operating air carrier. Where the identity of the operating air carrier is not yet known at the time of reservation, the air carriage contractor shall ensure that the passenger is informed of the identity of the operating air carrier as soon as such identity is established.

Advice to international passengers on limitation of liability 

Passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of origin are advised that the provisions of treaties known as the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention may be applicable to the entire journey, including any portion thereof entirely within the country of departure or destination. For passengers travelling to or from or stopping in the United States of America, the Convention and special contracts of carriage embodied in applicable tariffs provide that the liability of such Carriers party to such special contracts for death of or personal injury to passengers is limited in most cases to proven damages not to exceed 75,000 USD per passenger and that this liability up to such limit shall not depend on negligence on the part of the Carrier For passengers travelling with Carriers not party to such special contracts or not travelling to or from or stopping in the United States of America, the liability of the Carrier for death of or personal injury to passengers is limited in most cases to approximately 10,000 or 20,000 USD.

The names of carriers party to such special contracts are available at all ticket offices of such carriers and may be examined on request.

Additional protection is usually provided by purchasing insurance from a private company.  Such insurance is not affected by any limitation on the Carrier's liability under either the Warsaw Convention or any special contracts of carriage.  For further information, please consult your airline or insurance company representative.

Disclaimer: This is a Notice required by Order 69-2-65 of the US DOT. It does not reflect the provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999 which may apply to your journey. No representation is made as to the accuracy of its contents.

Article 10 - Various Terms

This Website is provided to the user ("User") on the condition that the user accepts the terms, conditions and information included on the website without reservation. From the time of access and use of the Website by the User, the User is automatically considered to have ceded permission - under Law 2472/97 - for the use, processing and forwarding of the personal information that concern him or her in Greece and abroad and that are kept by the company, as well as to have agreed with all the terms, conditions and information, as set out below. ELLINAIR reserves the right to freely amend or revise the terms and conditions of use and transactions set out herein whenever deemed necessary. For the purpose of the timely notification of users carrying out transactions through the User website, in the case of amendment of terms, ELLINAIR will directly and without fail proceed with posting the new terms and a notification of the amendment on this website. In any case, it is clarified that no amendment applies to a concluded contract (i.e. concluded before the amendment of the terms). Contracts concluded out via the e-shop are drafted in the Greek language.

Financial transactions

By making any booking via the online booking system, you solemnly declare that you are at least 18 years of age and are of full legal capacity as regards concluding the contract in question and that you are bound by the terms and conditions set out in the contract selected. Users are prohibited from making false or fraudulent bookings and from concluding contracts subsequent to the above practices. Users agree to observe the terms and conditions governing the conclusion of contracts and sales set out herein or by the suppliers with which the User chooses to transact, including, by way of indication, the timely payment of all due amounts and compliance with all the rules that govern the availability of fares, products and services. Users are absolutely responsible for all charges, duties, levies, taxies and contributions resulting from the use of this Website. The invocation of the use of these terms by a third party (including those incompetent of legal transactions and with impaired capacity to conduct legal transactions) through the use of the data of the "perceived User", i.e. the individual whose details are entered in order to make a booking with ELLINAIR and conclude an agreement with ELLINAIR, does not exempt in any case that individual from the responsibility deriving from the contracts concluded in his or her name and the obligations undertaken with regard to these transactions.

Information provided & Products

ELLINAIR is bound as regards the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided at the online store as regards the identity of ELLINAIR and the transactions provided through the website. In the context of good faith, ELLINAIR is not responsible or bound by entry of electronic data made by error/omission according to common experience and is entitled to correct them whenever they come to its attention.

Limitation of liability

Within the context of its online store transactions, ELLINAIR is not liable - civil or criminal liability of any grade - and has no obligation to pay damages for any damage or losses suffered due to the use or inability of use of the data found on the website. The limitation of liability of ELLINAIR as regards these terms also applies if a company employee or any other individual representing ELLINAIR had been informed of the possibility of the damage occurring.

Intellectual property rights

All the contents of the online store, including mark designations, logos, pictures, graphics, photographs, plans, texts, etc., constitute the intellectual property of ELLINAIR and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or the intellectual property of third parties for which ELLINAIR has obtained licence to use exclusively for its own needs and the functioning of its online shop. The copy or transfer of or plagiarism based on this content or deception of the public concerning the actual provider of the online shop is prohibited. The reproduction, reprinting, downloading, announcement, circulation or transmission or any other use of the content in any other manner or using any other means for commercial or other purposes is only permitted following the previous written consent of ELLINAIR or any other copyright holder. The names, pictures, logos and markings presented on and describing the website with the trademark of ELLINAIR and other trademarks of third enterprises referred to and depicted on the website or the products and services of ELLINAIR or third parties constitute the property of ELLINAIR or such third parties, respectively, and are protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use on the online shop does not constitute licence or right of use by third parties. 

Links on this website

The links included on this Website lead either to ELLINAIR web pages or to websites and web pages operated by third parties. These related websites are not under the control of ELLINAIR and ELLINAIR bears no responsibility whatsoever as to the contents of any such web page or link included in a related web page or any changes or updates to such web pages. ELLINAIR is not responsible for online broadcasts or any form of transmission received from any linked web page. ELLINAIR only provides these links on its website in order to facilitate the use of its online store; their use by the User is not mandatory and the fact that they are found on the online store does not imply that ELLINAIR approves of or accepts their contents.

ATTENTION: Bookings with incorrect information and the entry of incorrect travel documents is the exclusive responsibility of the User, as the system is unable to check for the correct electronic entry of the data that require entry. We recommend that you contact the competent ELLINAIR employees as regards the correct entry of your information and the competent public Authorities and Services as regards valid and required travel documents. In any case, the late reporting of errors and deviations does not give the right to cancel your booking - purchase.

The invalidity of one or more of the above terms does not invalidate the remaining terms, which remain in force.   

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