Monday , 05 July 2021Announcement for fake news regarding of the suspension of ELLINAIR

Dear passengers

The recent posts about the suspension of operation of ELLINAIR are fake.

The sources of those posts are either fake or incorrect.

Mouzenidis Group is not under suspension but only Mouzenidis Travel Greece. Many companies are part of Mouzenidis group and all are active except Mouzenidis Travel Greece that at the present time is under partial supervision of operation.

ΕLLINAIR as part of Mouzenidis Group is not under suspension as it is reported in various press statements but the current state is a stand by mode for the resumption of the flight operation. A big part of Ellinair staff was in furlough and since yesterday they
are working under new government scheme «Synergasia».

Ellinair Technical Department keeps the aircraft maintained and in a full airworthy condition in order when the relaxation of the Covid 19 measures will occur the aircraft to be ready to fly.

You need to consider that Ellinair lost the 95% of its profit during Covid-19 era and still is not compensated by the EU or the Greek Government despite the fact that other aviation companies in Greece have been already compensated.

Last update is that just today the airline has received the Permits from the Russian Civil Aviation Authority for the operation of a small flight schedule from Greece to Russia, following the COVID 19 relaxation measures that soon will be realised.

We will be glad to have you onboard on one of our flights soon.