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Terms and Conditions of Participation in Contest 

#ellinairContest from Ellinair Company

The company «Ellinair S.A.» (henceforth referred as Organiser) with its head office located at: 14th km provincial road Thessaloniki-N.Michaniona, 57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki, wishing to promote its products and services through promotional activities, organizes the promotional activity on Internet under the title #ellinairContest, concerning the conduct of the Contest, where five (5) lucky participants will win two (2) return tickets, based on availability that defines the Organizator to destination at the wish of the winners within Ellinairs network and departure from the airport  of Thessaloniki «Macedonia» or from the airport of Athens «Eleftherios Venizelos» (henceforth referred as Contest).

The Contest will be hosted in the social network Instagram on the Organiser official website (https://instagram.com/ellinair_airlines). The organization and management of online tools for the participation of interested parties, in this promotional action, has been taken over entirely by the Organiser. The purpose of these analytical terms is to determine the terms and conditions of participation in the Contest and the declaring the winner process.

2. Right to participate

2.1. All adult natural persons having a transactional capacity and following the Ellinair page on Instagram have the right to participate in the Contest. That means that they should «follow» this account on Instagram https://instagram.com/ellinair_airlines

2.2 The minors, the employees of the Organiser and its affiliate companies, as well as their first and second-degree relatives and their spouses are excluded from participating in the program.

2.3 The right and possibility to participate in Contest exists only during its conduct as defined in paragraph 3.1. Attempt to participate before or after the end of the contest is unsustainable. The participation in the Contest is free and previous purchase of any product or service is not required.

3. Award

3.1 The Contest will last from 21/08/2018 to 14/09/2018 and will bring out five (5) lucky winners. The winners will win two (2) return flight tickets based on availability, defined by Organiser to any destination of Ellinair’s network, the organizing company. The winner has the right to use the gift until 10th December 2018.

3.2 The prize distribution is realized in accordance with article 7 of these terms.

3.3 The above prize is given to the winners from the Organiser.

3.4 It is clarified that (a) the gift is provided as result of contest’s announcement and not for some other reason (especially, donation), it is personal, nominal, not transferable, not replaced by another person and not exchanged for money, (b) the costs that required from and to points of departure and arrival for the purpose of trip, as well as any other expense (for example accommodation, food etc) will be paid solely by the winner.

4. Description of Contest

4.1 Participating in this promotional action presupposes access of the interested parties to the social network of Instagram.

4.2 The Contest communicated and conducted by the Organiser as follows:

In order to participate in Contest, users should «follow» the official page of Organiser in Instagram. The user should «like» the Contest photo and in the comments’ field should mention the person who he would like to travel with, in case of winning, and also the destination to which they would like to travel together.

4.3 Each user has the right of unlimited entries in the Contest.

4.4 Those of the participants who completed successfully the participation process of the Contest, will take part in the prize draw, which will bring the five (5) lucky winners, who will win two return tickets anywhere within Ellinair’s network, Organiser company, based on availability, which is defined by the Organiser.

4.5 The participations that realized within the time limits of the Contest are considered valid. The Organiser has the right of all participations’ validity confirmation. The Organiser has the right to exclude any participant who submitted participation which is inconsistent with these terms and conditions.

4.6 After the announcement of the winners, Organiser has the right to demand from the participants-winners and the persons with whom they will travel, to send identity and communication information, which are required for the purpose of identification, so that the gift can be issued to the correct name and surname.

5. Contest Duration – Declaring the winner

5.1 The contest will be held from 21th August 2018 to 14th September 2018 (23:59 pm).

5.2 After the end of the Contest, the winner will be declared after prize drawing by the using electronic means, which ensure the random of choice and the inability of the human factor to intervene during this process.

5.3 The Organiser reserves the right to change the duration and time chart of the Contest, informing audience by any appropriate means.

5.4 The announcement of names and accounts of the winners will be made in accordance with the terms of the article 9. Winners will be notified on Monday 17/09/2018, by personal message in their account on Instagram, and will have 24 hours to respond to this message that they accept the prize. If this deadline passes, the Organiser has the right to declare another winner. Once the lucky winners accept the prize, relative post on the Organiser page on Instagram will follow, which will mention the account of the winner on Instagram.

6.  Exclusion of Participants

6.1 The Organiser has the right to exclude from the Contest, at any stage of its conduct, persons who, in its view, likely have used (or have attempted to use) illicit means for their participation to violate any of these terms. Illicit means are considered to be, indicatively and not restrictively, the following: usage of devices, provisions, computers or software for the convenience of automated or multiple participations without human intervention, interception et.

6.2 Furthermore, any of the participants at any stage can be excluded for the following reasons:

(1) If for any reason they do not meet the requirements of one of these terms, which all are considered to be essential

(2) If for any reason, the communication with the winner within the specified deadlines will not be possible

(3) In case, if the content of their comment in the Contest photo has an insulting, racist, pornographic character

(4) In case, that one of the details declared by them is false

(5) If for any reason, the winners do not show up or show up late to use their prize

(6) Those who have recalled their consent to participate in these Contest, with opt-out at a time after of their electronic consent.

6.3 The Organiser, in case the winner, relates to the above cases, has the right to cancel his participation at any stage of Contest, even at the stage of gift performance.

7. Receiving a prize

7.1 The prize is received by the winners in accordance with the instructions given to them by the Organiser’s competent department, with which the winners are required to communicate within 24 hours of being informed that they are the lucky winners of the Contest, responding to the personal message they have received on Instagram,  confirming acceptance of the gift and possibility to receive it within the time period defined below. The winner may contact for any relevant information on 801 100 81 82.

7.2 Any charges and damages occurred after receipt of the prize will be borne solely by the winners.

7.3 If for some reason the winners decline the prize or they do not claim it within 24 hours once they are informed by personal message on their account on Instagram, then the Organiser has the right to give it to another person.

7.4 The winner has to use the gift (ticket reservation) with a return trip date until 10th December 2018. 

8. Provisos

8.1 The Organiser reserves the right to change the gift provided, as well as to amend, in whole or in part, the terms and dates of participation or/and to cancel the promotional action proceeding previously by relevant announcement made by any appropriate means. In these cases, Organiser does not bear any responsibility against the participants and any third party. In case this promotional action is canceled, the participants do not acquire any right against the Organiser nor legalized or entitled to request the continuation of the program or any compensation.

8.2 The Organiser has the right of exclusion from Contest of participants who are maliciously using the Contest.

8.3 The Organiser bears no responsibility for incorrect or untrue information that will be declared/completed in this Contest, as well as it does not have responsibility of verifying the accuracy of such information. The Organiser does not has any responsibility, in case if someone cannot make the trip for any reason.

8.4 The gift is personal, not transferable, specific and not exchanged with money.

8.5 The Organiser does not control the availability, content, data protection policy, quality, completeness of services and accuracy of other site information, to which refers platform of Instagram, which hosting the Contest through hyperlinks or advertising. Therefore, for any problem will arise during visiting or using other sites, users recognize, that they should address to corresponding websites, who are responsible for providing their services. In no case, cannot be considered that the Organiser accepts the content or services of sites to which point out the Instagram or associated with them in any way.

8.6 It is clarified that the Instagram is not related to, does not manage, promotes or enhance this Contest.

8.7 After the end of the program, the Organiser has not any obligation and responsibility before the participants or winners.

8.8 The Organiser bears no criminal or civil responsibility to any winner or third party, for any accident or damage or for any physical or other damage to them directly or indirectly related to prize, their use or any other reason.

8.9 It is noted that the Contest is a promotional action for the promotion Organiser product and services, in accordance with the general and special terms, which are described on the Organiser’s website.

8.10 Free tickets provided to Ellinair direct flights and related flights that realized only from Ellinair. After the issue of the ticket are not allowed:

- change of date or flight

- change of route and destination

- partial use of ticket

- transfer of ticket to third parties

Furthermore, any ticket not used for any reason is canceled and the winner and his/her companion cannot claim other ticket or compensation.


- Booking and ticket issuance done through e-mail in customer.service@ellinair.com at least 7 days before the trip.

- The provision of the ticket concerns a confirmed seat, based on availability and completing the trip until 10/12/2018. 

9. Publicity

9.1 For the purpose of a fair Contest, the name of the winner will be announced in any way chosen by the Organiser. Participants of the Contest provide their consent and authorization to the Organiser to promotion of the contest and/or its results by radio, TV, cinema, press, electronic press or Internet (including the social media). Thus, the Organiser has the right to use and publish for promotional purposes the winner name and use any details from news relevant to this Contest, for promotional purposes, for one month from the announcement of the winner, the participation in the Contest automatically provides the concurrence of intellectual property rights.

9.2 The Organiser has the right of non-rewarding gift to the winner and repeat the draw, if he/she refuses to disclose his/her name.

9.3 The Contest’s terms have been posted in (https://ellinair.com/news/2018-08-21/instagram-tickets-giveaway-aug-sep), and are available for any participant or third party, after request.

10. Explicit declaration – Consent – Acceptance of Participants

10.1 The participation in the Contest means full acceptance of these terms, which are available in Organizer’s official webpage.

10.2 Also, all participants recognize, declare and accept the following:

(1) their personal data is true

(2) there are adults (18 years old)

(3) their personality is not offended or decreases by any means by the participation in this Contest of the Organizer

(4) their personal data or personality rights of any third party are not offended

(5) intellectual property rights of any third party are not offend or they have acquired necessary licenses

(6) provide their consent and authorization to the Organiser to promote the Program and its results through the press or online press and Internet, during the Contest. The Organiser reserves the right to use and to publish any news relevant to the Program

(7)  provide their consent and authorization for ads reasons, of any relevant event, without the obligation of prior information or compensation. The Organiser also has the right to publish audiovisual material from the prize draw and delivering the prize

(8) do not use for the participation more accounts on social media, where the Contest is hosted.

10.3 The participation of each person in this Contest assumes unconditional consent for using data in the social media platform for monitoring the Contest (personal data).  The Organizer is responsible for data processing.

10.4 Simple copies of these terms are freely available for public in the Ellinair’s office, located at: 14th km Thessaloniki-N.Michaniona, 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece.

11. Trademarks – Intellectual Property Rights

11.1 The participants do not have nor acquire any right for commercial marks, titles, indications, emblems and other distinctive marks of the Organizer.

11.2 The websites content, as well as pictures, graphics, photos, any designs, texts and generally all websites’ files own to Organiser’s intellectual property and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

11.3 Any amendment, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, connection, download or exploitation in other way of the website content, in whole or in part, in any way or means for commercial or any other purposes, are prohibited without previous license of the Organiser or any other beneficiary.

11.4 Any website content (texts, pictures, graphics etc) is prohibited to be reproduced and republished in whole or in part.

12. Other Terms – Protection of Personal Data

12.1 The Organiser collects only names of participants’ accounts and winner’s personal data, as well as of the person who will be travel with the winner, for the purpose of realizing this program. The purpose of collection, retention and procession of personal data by the Organiser is a support of the necessary Organiser’s activities, in frames of this Program.

12.2 At any time, participants have the right to access to their personal data, information and/or objections for their further processing, based on articles 11-13 of the Law 2472/97, as amended and in force, upon the request to the Organiser.