Tuesday , 17 October 2017Additional domestic October flights.

Additional domestic October flights.

We would like to inform you regarding the additional flights of Ellinair, Thessaloniki-Heraklion, Thessalonik – Athens – Thessaloniki, Athen – Heraklion – Athens, for October.

You can book seats at especially affordable rates for the flights indicated below through our website. 

21/10/17   SKG-HER

29/10/17   SKG-ΑΤΗ

29/10/17   ATH-SKG

29/10/17   HER-ATH

29/10/17   ATH-HER


 On all our domestic flights, we offer:

👜Free cabin baggage up to 8kg 
🛄Free checked baggage up to 20kg
🛄Free 10kg for families traveling with infants
🛄Additional 10kg for students and conscripts
🍱Free snack and beverage during the flight