Sunday , 11 October 2015

The air company «Ellinair» awarded the winners of the marathon!


"Wings" of «Ellinair» company brought to Greece winners "of the 4th International Half Marathon night in the Thessaloniki city."

Russian sportsmen Rinat Akhmetov and Vasily Permitin ran to the "4th International Half Marathon Night, 11.10.2015 " with a team of the «Ellinair» company, the official sponsor of the event, and climbed up on the podium.

The winner was Rinat Akhmetov with a fixed time of (1 hour - 05 minutes – 52 sec), which is a new record of the competition, second place was taken (1 hour - 07 minutes - 05sec) by winner of the year before, an athlete and organizer of the club («ΜΕΑΣ ΤΡΙΤΩΝ» in Thessaloniki) Michalis Parmakis.
The last in the top three winners ran Vasily Permitin (1 hour - 07 minutes – 53 sec).

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