Tuesday , 06 October 2015

Fly with Ellinair from Thessaloniki to Izmir!






The magical experience of the city Izmir.

Air company Ellinair decided to organize flights twice a week on destination Thessaloniki – Izmir, making, the journey of your dreams come true! Once, beautiful Izmir, was a big city, "kettle" of mixing of cultures. Nowadays, it is full of memories and feelings, a magical world for happy visitors.

The landing is taking place in Adnan Menderes Airport and from there you can start your journey. Visit the famous Clock Tower, which is unique heritage of the Greek culture of Izmir, before the disaster. Take the elevator (58 meters), which connects local market with up districts. Visit museums to learn the history of the ancient city and walk the streets of Kordelio. It worths to visit the fortress Kantifekale, where you feel the atmosphere of the Eastern bazaar. Do some shopping at the famous closed market Kemeralti, which exist from the Byzantine Empire. Enrich your journey with unforgettable excursions to Ephesus, Pamukkale, Sardis and to Pergamum.





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