Tuesday , 06 October 2015

Fly with Ellinair from Athens to Thessaloniki!















Athens – Thessaloniki: Travel in comfort with the air company «Ellinair», bring with you any quantity of sweets. 

Thessaloniki city is even more beautiful, when you go back to Athens, relaxed and with candies for all your loved ones. The air company «Ellinair» offers free baggage carriage (20kg) and a wonderful flight in the comfortable seats in aircraft cabin. Enjoy the attention and care of our crew, as well as a free cup of coffee or a cold drink during the flight. The air company «Ellinair» offers various types of snacks (sweet and savory). After landing at the airport "Macedonia", you can taste all the famous «temptations» of the city, such as, delicious food, a variety of sweets and share a warm smile with its inhabitants.







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