Children aged 5-12 years old can travel with safety unaccompanied without a parent or a guardian under the supervision of Ellinair staff.


In addition, children from 12 to16 years old traveling alone can also be under Ellinair’s supervision if it is requested by their parents.

In order to use this service, which is compulsory,  you should inform us when making your reservation that your child will travel unaccompanied . You will need to register your name, address and the telephone number of the guardian who will deliver the child to the departure airport and the person who will collect it at the arrival airport .

Necessary documents for an unaccompanied children:

• Ticket of the unaccompanied child
• ID / Passport of the unaccompanied child
• Completed special form  "UM Declaration Form” which has the information details of the unaccompanied child of  the trip and  of the parent/guardian who will deliver and collect the unaccompanied child.

The ID display of the parent/guardian is necessary at the arrival and the destination airport . Throughout the journey, the unaccompanied child is under the supervision of Ellinair staff which guarantees security to the destination airport.



35€ per route for international flights

10 per route for domestic flights

The fee is charged only once, if two or more brothers / sisters travel together by an Ellinair flight.

The guardian of every child under 12 years must be an adult over 18 years, unless is the parent. Otherwise, the child is considered and served as an unaccompanied .