Seamen Fares

Ellinair offers seamen fares for the following destinations: MOW, KRR, MRV, LED.

Seamen fares are one way and valid either for direct routes (SCOW) or for routes from/to Athens via Thessaloniki (SCOWT).

Reservation systems have been updated accordingly, mandate pricing entry will be given according to each rbd and the mandatory condition for ticket issuance is to insert the OSI element during the booking. It is also necessary for each passenger to present seamen book during check in procedure.

For your convenience we hereby introduce a way to insert the OSI element per system:

  • 3OSI EL PSGR IS SEAMAN (Worldspan/Travelport)
  • SI.EL*SEAMAN (Galileo/Travelport)
  • OSELSEAMAN (Amadeus)
  • 3OSI EL SEAMAN (Sabre)

A quick reference table regarding seamen fare rules and regulations is listed below:

Booking class Y X V
Baggage Allowance 2pc/40kg  2pc/40kg 
OW FARE OW Fare only OW Fare only
OSI element Mandatory OSI  to EL  << SEAMAN>> Mandatory OSI  to EL  << SEAMAN>>
Rebooking Free of charge Free of charge in the same RBD
Refund Refundable Refundable
No-Show 40 EUR fee 40 EUR fee
Cancellation (void) Permitted Permitted

For further information, contact us via email: or by calling: +30 2311 224712

In case of visa rejection (where ticket has been issued in advance) a 20,00 Eur refund administrative fee applies.